Why Men Love Cars so Darned Much

Lots of men (and women too) just love their cars. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are an excellent driver; it doesn’t mean that they enjoy rolling up their sleeves and getting greasy under the hood (although plenty of them do) and it doesn’t mean that they instinctively recognize the sound of a Hemi V8 purring at the lights – it just means that they love them.
There are, in fact only two types of people – those who love their cars and those who see them as nothing more than a means of transport for getting them from A to B and back again. Let’s try to shed a little light on this often misunderstood love affair and the differences between how men love their cars in an entirely different way to most women.
Ask a woman about her first car and she’ll tell you – she probably named it something like Betsy or Nancy, drove around it for many years and shed a tear when they eventually parted company and replaced her with a newer model. She probably rarely cleaned it, never polished it and the only time she emptied out the rubbish was when she sold it or was picking up her mother in law. It was probably a bit smelly (dogs, half-eaten burgers) and full of stuff on the way to the dry cleaners, kids’ toys and a spare pair of shoes.


Ask a woman about when she borrows her partners’ car and she’ll probably tell you that she has been forewarned about scratches, spilt drink, litter (even in the ash tray) and crumbs on the floor mat – failing to meet his exacting standards will mean that all future permission will be revoked – and I’m not joking.
To a man his car is often his pride and joy, it’s all about image – it’s his companion, his friend and his helper. He would rather jump on a bus than be seen dead in her grubby sedan – as she negotiates his gleaming Dodge along the road for the school pick up her heart is firmly in her mouth.
One definite difference is that men don’t get sentimental about their cars in the same way that women do. You’re very unlikely to see a man weeping as he picks up his new motor at Downey Dodge as his old wheels are left behind – the King is dead, long live the King, without an ounce of sentimentality at all. He then bestows all of his new passion onto this motor without a thought for the old one he just traded in.


The majority of car advertisements show a man driving alone in his motor on the open highway – they rarely include a partner or family squawking in the back seat unless it is particularly aimed towards a family car. It’s just the man and the car on the open road driving to who knows where and doing whatever he likes when he gets there.
Most men are never satisfied with the car they have – although they’ve chosen it with much care and deliberation, no matter how shiny, fast or sleek it looks they are always keeping an eye out for a better make or model (there are some great ones at http://www.mcpeeksdodge.com/ by the way). They scour auto magazines and deliberate over which model would suit them the best even though to a woman they all look exactly the same except for the color.
Why do men love their cars so much? Who knows, you’ll just have to ask them.


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