The Coolest Eco-Friendly Car—The Nissan Leaf


The Leaf (Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) is not the world’s first electric car, but it is the initial truly practical one. This award-winning car has a selection of about 100 miles and lots of experts think about it the only electric car currently on the market containing the over-all excellence to become a long-term success story. 2013 saw the Leaf hit new heights of worldwide popularity. Actually, Nissan sold twice as many Leafs in 2013 like previous years. That is likely to change and change soon, though when you go searching for used cars in Los Angeles, you may not find as many Leafs as Altimas and Celicas.

Here are a few reasons we think the Leaf is definitely the coolest eco-friendly car around.

For one more, thing and a lot more individuals are concerned by rising gas prices. They need a car they could commute with that doesn’t hurt your wallet. They also want a car that may be eco-friendly and kind on the environment. With a range of about 100 miles between charges, the Leaf will get the commuting job done for about 95% in our country’s drivers, and do it with almost no eco-footprint. Many electric owners will still have to re-charge with their garage chargers for some time longer, whilst the automakers and government are working to produce re-charge stations more common. a and That slightly higher than average initial pricing is the only downside today for electric car owners.

The average cost for a Leaf owner to get 15,000 miles is all about $400 based on an 11-cent per kilowatt hour. That’s a significant savings within the $1,875 an average 24 MPG gas-powered car costs to operate a vehicle the same distance.

There are other, less obvious reasons we think the Leaf is indeed cool. A number of people don’t realize how incredibly quiet it is actually. Nissan actually had to redesign the exterior side-view mirror mounts to reduce the noise level inside the passenger compartment. From the old design, you could hear the air whistling past them as well loudly! That’s how quiet the Leaf is. Also, the acceleration is almost instantaneous, unlike the delay we are used to in gas-powered cars. The Leaf is a completely new experience with car ownership.

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