Foggy Weather Driving Tips – Safety First

Fog is probably the most dangerous and hard driving conditions around – it can actually appear from nowhere and.


Here are a few easy methods to drive safely in foggy conditions and once to expect them.

When you drive at the moment of the day you are more likely to encounter it, consider weather conditions as well as your local area – fog often appears in the mornings and evenings so. Some areas are more prone to foggy conditions as opposed to others – coastal areas and low lying ground near to lakes and rivers.

Always allow yourself plenty of time for driving in foggy conditions – you need to slow down a great deal in order to stay safe. Give yourself ample room in between your vehicle and the one in front – a 5 second count as opposed to the usual 2 or 3 second count between vehicles is a good idea. Rushing and speeding in foggy conditions can be a recipe for disaster.


Adjust your driving speed but additionally adjust your driving conditions within the car. In order to have as clear a view as possible constantly, moisture may collect on the windshield of your car and make it difficult to view so remember to adjust the defroster and wipers as necessary.

Switch on the fog lights and / or driving lights. If your car is equipped with these lights utilize them, the majority of modern vehicles have fog lights fitted as standards (like the ones at – so. Fog lights often have yellowish tinted lenses which help to cut through the fog rather than the bright white normal lights seen on a car. A bright light may also be fitted to the rear of the car to be used in foggy conditions to warn upcoming motorists that you are there. In foggy conditions don’t be afraid to experiment using all of your driving lights to determine what make the best influence on the particular fog.

Low beam headlights are most effective in fog, in case your vehicle isn’t equipped with proper fog lights. If you use high beam it simply reflects light straight back at you from the foggy particles so low beam is better. If you are driving through the fog keep on checking the conditions to see which the most suitable choice is.


Make certain you stick to the right side of the road – not that I’m suggesting that you’ll go the wrong way but some drivers do often drive down the center of the street when it’s foggy – not necessarily on purpose. It is advisable to focus on the side of the highway and ensure that you are well over in your own lane just in case the man coming in one other direction has accidentally drifted into the center of the road. Keep the wits about you at all times.

Freezing fog is an even greater problem which can be difficult to detect. Driving within the fog which can be cold enough to freeze the top of the road is double the trouble, as if driving in the fog isn’t difficult enough. Black ice is probably the most dangerous driving conditions around and might be caused by freezing fog.

If you have no visibility by any means just pull over to the edge of the road and stop – remember to switch on your hazards to warn other road users of your own presence. carries a great variety of new and used cars but remember to operate a vehicle carefully, especially in foggy conditions.

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