What You Could Get From Aggressive Driving


Aggressive Driving vs. Road Rage

Nearly one-third of all motor vehicle collisions as well as two-thirds of all automobile-related fatalities involve aggressive driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Aggressive driving is identified as reckless performance behind the wheel, for example:

Speeding in heavy traffic


Cutting in front of another driver and after that slowing down

Running red lights

Weaving inside and outside of traffic

Changing lanes without signaling

Blocking cars attempting to pass or change lanes

Using headlights or brakes to “punish” other drivers

Road rage is malicious behavior directed at specific drivers, which may escalate to violence. Examples include:

Cursing and rude or obscene gestures

Throwing objects



Forcing a driver off the road

Brandishing or discharging firearms.

Manage your behavior, manage your responses

AAA’s How to Drive: The Beginning Driver’s Manual includes tips on avoiding aggressive driving and stopping road rage at its root. These include:

Allowing enough travel time so that you will don’t begin your trip stressed, hurried or impatient.

Making your vehicle a conflict-free zone. If you are just debating the idiot on talk radio or responding to a bumper sticker, driving and intense conversations don’t mix; even. Pay attention to relaxing music. Breathe. Stretch. Smile.

You will notice other drivers doing items that are even, illegal and inconsiderate incomprehensible. Don’t respond personally. Most drivers are not thinking about their impact on you; they are just rushed, distracted or upset.

Follow the rules of the road.

Maintain adequate following distance.

Use turn signals.

Allow others to merge.

Use your high-beams responsibly.

Tap your horn when you must (but no long blasts with accompanying hand gestures).

Be considerate in parking lots. Park in one spot, not across multiple spaces. Take care not to hit cars next to you with your door.

Remaining courteous and calm behind the wheel lowers your risk of an unpleasant encounter – with another driver and with law enforcement. Several communities now deploy teams to focus on aggressive drivers. Repeat violators may be fined, required to take anger management classes, lose their license or serve jail time.

Dealing with confrontation

Avoid eye contact with angry drivers.

Don’t respond to aggression with aggression.

Drive into a public place such as a police station, hospital or fire station, if you think you are at an increased risk.

When someone approaches you aggressively, whenever you park, allow room in order to pull out safely.

Use your horn to attract attention but stay in your locked vehicle.

Should you be confronted, stay as calm and courteous as possible.

Call 911 if you feel threatened.

Upgrade That Happened With Fiat 500 Cult

Fiat vamps up its modern icon with an all new engine and added technology in the form of a brand new ‘Cult’ edition.


When: February 2014

Where: Balocco, Italy

What: 2014 Fiat 500 Cult

Occasion: International first drive

Overall rating: 4/5

For those of you trying to find the ultimate Fiat 500, the newest Cult edition combines luxury, new technology and a better engine with this range topping model.

Key Facts

Model driven: Fiat 500 Cult

Pricing: to be confirmed

Engine: .9-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol

Transmission: front-wheel drive, six-speed manual

Body style: three-door hatchback

Rivals: Ford Ka, Hyundai i10, Volkswagen up!

CO2 emissions: 99g/km (Band A2, €180 per annum)

Combined economy: 67.2mpg (4.2 litres/100km)

Top speed: 188km/h

-100km/h: 10. seconds

Power: 105hp at 5,500rpm

Torque: 145Nm at 2,000rpm

In the Metal: 4.5/5

In line with the original brief when this car was first launched back in 2007, this latest Cult edition is full of retro charm. True 500 anoraks – sorry, fans – will see the subtle changes that include adding chromed mirror caps, additional colour-matched trim on the lower door section and subtly updated rear lights. A whole new colour palette offers further choices for individuals who desire a shade of paint which is more days-gone-by than bang-up-to-date. The Fiat 500 can be a car that is capable of pulling off these sorts of hues more than any other – even a MINI. A new selection of alloy wheels completes the exterior update.

The adjustments to the interior are small but aid to remind everyone that this is the most luxurious 500 so far. It does make the Fiat appearance and feel that bit more special, although granted, the cream-coloured dashboard and controls might not be to everyone’s taste. Thanks to modern health and safety standards, the Bakelite steering wheel hasn’t made a return, though and of course it has a good amount of retro touches. Seats both front and rear take on a new box rib leather finish though, which does look rather smart. A fresh seven-inch TFT display replaces the traditional dials in the instrument binnacle and does go some approach to making the now-ageing interior retain some appeal.

Driving it: 3.5/5

As much fun as the first TwinAir engine was, it did encourage you not to operate a vehicle it as economically as was perhaps originally intended. Part of this was to the lack of torque and the narrow power-band, two issues that were addressed within this new, more robust TwinAir engine. The 105hp unit has additionally now been mated using a six-speed gearbox, which makes the car feel significantly more settled at higher speeds. And in many cases a little too early considering the road conditions – driving it on another 500rpm before upshifts allows it to carry momentum that bit better, ever tightening emissions regulations result in a shift indicator appearing excessively frequently in the dash display.

Fuel economy is reasonably good, though you will have to drive quite studiously if you want to come close to the quoted combined economy figure of 67mpg. The ride is still rather unrefined on uneven surfaces, and can be a little bouncy. It remains a fun car to drive at lower speeds while its compact size allows it to fit into the tightest of parking spaces, however.

The things you get for your Money: 3.5/5

Although official pricing has yet being confirmed, the Cult could be the most expensive version offered by Fiat and is targeted at those who want ‘the ultimate’ 500. The car is expected being purchased by true connoisseurs who the Italian firm may hope won’t be concerned about the asking price, according to Fiat. The latest engine and gearbox does give the car wider appeal and can make it that little more useable, particularly for those who could be commuting from satellite towns. For reference, the most expensive TwinAir-engined 500 available for sale in Ireland right now costs €16,495.

Worth Noting

As Fiat plans to also make it a standard feature of the sportier looking 500S at the same time if you want that cool new TFT display on the dash of a Fiat 500 it isn’t necessary to go for the 500 Cult.


Unlike some of the other supermini-sized city cars on the market, the Fiat 500 still manages to put a grin on your face when driving. It remains a car that is full of charm and character. Additionally looks, which, despite receiving no significant changes in seven years, still manage to look fresh.

Changing a Flat Tire Tips – You Never Know When You’ll Need To Use Them

An unexpected number of drivers these days don’t have the first clue concerning how to change a flat tire but you really never know when you’re going to have to get it done. It’s okay thinking that somebody else will stop and help, or that you can call the garage or perhaps you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty and then leave that sort of thing to other people but it really is one thing which every driver ought to know how to do . . . and that means every driver (which also means YOU).


It’s not too difficult so pay learn, attention, remember and read these few simple idiot proof tire changing tips.

You’re likely to need:

• Spare tire – they often live in the trunk, often below a felt cut-out. Familiarize yourself with its whereabouts and ensure that it’s in great condition and inflated to the correct pressure.


• Wrench – this should be stored next to your tire, it’s all offered with the car.

• Jack – This can also be included with the auto and live somewhere near the rest of this stuff.

And here’s what you do . . .

• Pull over as safely as is possible as soon as you suspect that you’ve got a flat. Try to look for a well lit spot if it’s dark.

• Take off the hub cap – you must remove this to find the wheel nuts lurking beneath.

• Using all of your strength loosen the lug nuts with all the wrench by turning them anticlockwise. This may take you some time but keep it going, it’s reached be done.

• After you’ve loosened the lug nuts you should jack up your car. The owner’s manual will show you the safest spot on the car to put the jack and how to use the jack to boost your car a few inches from your ground. Before you decide to do this, be sure that you’ve place the emergency brake on.

• Now go ahead and take loosened lug nuts off completely and take off the wheel with the flat tire. Lay this flat on the ground of you could have to chase it as a it rolls down the road.

• Get your spare tire and line up the holes with the lugs, slide it in place and replace the lug nuts, tightening them by hand initially.


• Once your spare wheel is firmly in place you can let your car or truck down gently from the jack which will usually involve turning the handle in the opposite direction to how you cranked it up to begin with.

• After the car is safely on the floor use the wrench to tighten up the nuts as hard as you can – it’s always a good idea to tighten opposite nuts moving between them until all nuts are as tight as you can possibly get them.

• Pick up the flat tire and put it back into the trunk remembering to replace the jack, wrench etc . . . you never know when you might need them also.

It’s always a good idea to head straight to the closest garage slowly – don’t exceed 50 miles or 50 mph on your spare. If you happen to be close to Nissan dealer Fontana call in for their experts to examine it over. They’ve also got a great selection of new and used cars at Metro Nissan Redlands.

Get the tire fixed or replaced as quickly as possible for the following time you find yourself such an emergency situation.

Now you can give yourself a pat on the back for sorting the job out yourself.

Audi Decided To Retain BMW On Its Midst Featuring 2015 Q3 Compact Crossover


Audi’s lineup of crossovers is becoming much more crowded. A newcomer to the automaker’s lineup is the Q3, a smaller and more affordable premium crossover that will be slotted beneath the Q5.

You’d have to look fast to distinguish the all-new 2015 Q3 from its larger stable mate. It has the same good looks as the Q5, which should appease would-be BMW X1 or Land Rover Range Rover Evoque buyers. Due to its entry-level positioning, it may also make for an attractive alternative to near-luxury options like the new Buick Encore.

“Coming off the recent A3 family announcement we are now for the first time entering into the premium compact class of SUVs with the introduction of the Audi Q3 into our line-up,” said Scott Keogh, President, Audi of America. “Our growing SUV family will now offer three distinct products in the premium SUV category; and like the successful Q7 and Q5, the Q3 will continue with the established standards they started with regards to utility, craftsmanship, performance and technology.”

The Q3 is unique to the Audi lineup in that it offers a staggering amount of standard content, including heated and power-articulated leather seats, panoramic moonroof, Xenon headlamps with LED accents and keyless start, to name just a few. Audi is betting that the crossover’s long list of standard features will help it stand apart from models that have already established themselves in this burgeoning niche.

Powering the Q3 is a 200-horsepower 2.-liter TFSI engine. Front-wheel drive is standard with Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive available as an option. Power is routed through a standard six-speed Tiptronic transmission.

Eighteen inch wheels are standard with 19-inch wheels available as an option. Audi promises that the Q3 will be responsible for bringing more sportiness to the segment thanks to a balanced chassis combined with agile handling, supreme safety and great road comfort.

Other available goodies include the Audi Connect infotainment system, factory-fitted, in-vehicle Wi-Fi connectivity for passenger use, and a BOSE Surround Sound system featuring 465 watts of power sent to 14 speakers.

Foggy Weather Driving Tips – Safety First

Fog is probably the most dangerous and hard driving conditions around – it can actually appear from nowhere and.


Here are a few easy methods to drive safely in foggy conditions and once to expect them.

When you drive at the moment of the day you are more likely to encounter it, consider weather conditions as well as your local area – fog often appears in the mornings and evenings so. Some areas are more prone to foggy conditions as opposed to others – coastal areas and low lying ground near to lakes and rivers.

Always allow yourself plenty of time for driving in foggy conditions – you need to slow down a great deal in order to stay safe. Give yourself ample room in between your vehicle and the one in front – a 5 second count as opposed to the usual 2 or 3 second count between vehicles is a good idea. Rushing and speeding in foggy conditions can be a recipe for disaster.


Adjust your driving speed but additionally adjust your driving conditions within the car. In order to have as clear a view as possible constantly, moisture may collect on the windshield of your car and make it difficult to view so remember to adjust the defroster and wipers as necessary.

Switch on the fog lights and / or driving lights. If your car is equipped with these lights utilize them, the majority of modern vehicles have fog lights fitted as standards (like the ones at www.ocauto.com) – so. Fog lights often have yellowish tinted lenses which help to cut through the fog rather than the bright white normal lights seen on a car. A bright light may also be fitted to the rear of the car to be used in foggy conditions to warn upcoming motorists that you are there. In foggy conditions don’t be afraid to experiment using all of your driving lights to determine what make the best influence on the particular fog.

Low beam headlights are most effective in fog, in case your vehicle isn’t equipped with proper fog lights. If you use high beam it simply reflects light straight back at you from the foggy particles so low beam is better. If you are driving through the fog keep on checking the conditions to see which the most suitable choice is.


Make certain you stick to the right side of the road – not that I’m suggesting that you’ll go the wrong way but some drivers do often drive down the center of the street when it’s foggy – not necessarily on purpose. It is advisable to focus on the side of the highway and ensure that you are well over in your own lane just in case the man coming in one other direction has accidentally drifted into the center of the road. Keep the wits about you at all times.

Freezing fog is an even greater problem which can be difficult to detect. Driving within the fog which can be cold enough to freeze the top of the road is double the trouble, as if driving in the fog isn’t difficult enough. Black ice is probably the most dangerous driving conditions around and might be caused by freezing fog.

If you have no visibility by any means just pull over to the edge of the road and stop – remember to switch on your hazards to warn other road users of your own presence.

http://www.ocauto.com carries a great variety of new and used cars but remember to operate a vehicle carefully, especially in foggy conditions.

Audi RS Q3 Is Finally Making It To Geneva

With the Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, a lot more carmakers announce their models which will be seen next month.

This period, the tuners at ABT Sportsline announced that a new tuning kit for the Audi RS Q3 is going to be unveiled. The German tuner chose to improve the 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine which now delivers 410 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque.

Considering the extra 100 horses, the conventional sprint time of 5,5 seconds will get improved but specific figures are not available yet.

“This gentle and complex processes works with a specially developed control unit – ABT Engine Control – plus a customised software,” adds the tuner.


In terms of styling, buyers will get a body kit including new bumpers, side skirts, a revised front grille, 21-inch alloy wheels and a quad-pipe exhaust system. The rear is dominated by an air diffuser as the stainless steel exhaust is also available.

The Coolest Eco-Friendly Car—The Nissan Leaf


The Leaf (Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) is not the world’s first electric car, but it is the initial truly practical one. This award-winning car has a selection of about 100 miles and lots of experts think about it the only electric car currently on the market containing the over-all excellence to become a long-term success story. 2013 saw the Leaf hit new heights of worldwide popularity. Actually, Nissan sold twice as many Leafs in 2013 like previous years. That is likely to change and change soon, though when you go searching for used cars in Los Angeles, you may not find as many Leafs as Altimas and Celicas.

Here are a few reasons we think the Leaf is definitely the coolest eco-friendly car around.

For one more, thing and a lot more individuals are concerned by rising gas prices. They need a car they could commute with that doesn’t hurt your wallet. They also want a car that may be eco-friendly and kind on the environment. With a range of about 100 miles between charges, the Leaf will get the commuting job done for about 95% in our country’s drivers, and do it with almost no eco-footprint. Many electric owners will still have to re-charge with their garage chargers for some time longer, whilst the automakers and government are working to produce re-charge stations more common. a and That slightly higher than average initial pricing is the only downside today for electric car owners.

The average cost for a Leaf owner to get 15,000 miles is all about $400 based on an 11-cent per kilowatt hour. That’s a significant savings within the $1,875 an average 24 MPG gas-powered car costs to operate a vehicle the same distance.

There are other, less obvious reasons we think the Leaf is indeed cool. A number of people don’t realize how incredibly quiet it is actually. Nissan actually had to redesign the exterior side-view mirror mounts to reduce the noise level inside the passenger compartment. From the old design, you could hear the air whistling past them as well loudly! That’s how quiet the Leaf is. Also, the acceleration is almost instantaneous, unlike the delay we are used to in gas-powered cars. The Leaf is a completely new experience with car ownership.

To check out the award-winning Leaf yourself, visit www.downtownnissan.com. They have the Leaf and a host of other great Nissans, all at very attractive prices.


Matthew McConaughey Does Not Only Act Well But Also Keeps Cool Cars

Dazed & Confused

I saw this movie as teen, the right age to appreciate the theme and the cool 70s imagery of America’s youth. McConaughey plays a twenty something guy called David Wooderson. Hanging around with kids many years younger than himself and driving a black 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS he calls Melba Toast, Wooderson uses the legendary muscle car as jailbait.

In Wooderson’s own words: “Let me let you know what Melba Toast is packin’ here, all right. We got 4: 11 Positrac outback, 750 double pumper, Edelbrock intake, bored over 30, 11 to 1 pop-up pistons, turbo-jet 390 horsepower. We’re talkin’ some fu*kin’ muscle.”


EDtv sees McConaughey as being a slacker employed in a video store. After managing to impress TV producer, Ellen DeGeneres, he makes the cut to appear in the reality Tv program, where they film him 24/7. After a number of days within the life of Ed, the audiences demand more, though he’s not an instant hit.

Whether you like him or not, you can’t help but love this beaten up 1966 Dodge Charger.

Failure To Produce

Failure to produce is a 2006 rom-com featuring McConaughey as being a 35-year-old man living with his parents. He shows no great desire for leaving the comfortable lifestyle either if it isn’t bad enough. So what’s a mother’s boy doing driving a retro 1973 Porsche 911?

The Lincoln Lawyer

The name is in the title with this one. Not am I only a fan of car movies nevertheless i also follow car fiction. The Lincoln Lawyer is actually a 2005 novel by Michael Connelly featuring a standard L.A. ambulance-chasing lawyer. He’s smooth, instead and smart of utilizing public transportation in order to meet show and clients up at court, Haller has his driver, Earl on his payroll. Whilst Earl drives Haller around Los Angeles, the street-savvy lawyer uses the back of his Lincoln Town Car as his office – here he makes phone calls and completes paperwork. In fact, Haller likes the automobile so much, they have a few more hidden in an empty building.

The 1986 Lincoln Town Car in black is one hell of a barge, and do you notice the plate? NTGUILTY

Killer Joe

With this black comedy McConaughey plays the role of Joe Cooper, a police detective who moonlights as a contract killer. He wears a black cowboy hat, cowboy boots, dark leather and shades gloves. The automobile of choice is really a government issue dark grey Dodge Charger – this car somehow manages to suit both professions rather well.


Dallas Buyers Club

This movie gained McConaughey a Golden Globe award for optimum actor and an Academy award nomination (Update – Matthew McConaughey just won the Oscar for Best Actor inside a Leading Role). As you can see from your picture transformation above, this is a serious movie and McConaughey put in a critical effort in nailing the role – I haven’t seen such weight loss since Christian Bale in The Machinist.

The movie is dependant on the real life events of Ron Woodroof, an electrician and rodeo cowboy with a reckless attitude and lifestyle – drinking, drug and smoking abuse. He’s a standard homophobic and racist Redneck, and after a visit to hospital for an injury, he gets told he is HIV and has around 30 days to have.

We watch Ron move from denial and anger to acceptance and actually helping others like him. Ron started the rollercoaster ride in a cool Mid 70s Dodge Monaco, and later in the movie we notice him lose his mind in an early 80s GMC Sierra V8 truck.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

McConaughey got another gorgeous co-star for good measure if being asked to star alongside the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson inside a commercial for Dolce & Gabbana isn’t enough. Directed by Martin Scorsese in NYC’s West Village, the D&G shoot saw McConaughey drive this stunning Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider. Involving the two, I’d be hard pushed to create a choice, although I’d probably end up with the Italian girl.

Chevrolet Camaro Z28

When he isn’t in front of a camera, McConaughey likes to make it old school with his 1981 Chevy Camaro. Apparently, he’s been in love with and drooled over this car since his teens, and it wasn’t until hispartner and Camilla, gifted him one, that he got to actually own one. The Z28 includes a 5.7L, V8 beneath the hood, and despite being average when compared with modern cars, it was way ahead of its time with power windows, power locks and cruise control. What better colour for a V8 muscle car than black?

GMC Yukon XL

McConaughey is acknowledged for his great body and it is often spotted doing outdoor activities to stay fit. While not too cool in status, the GMC Yukon possesses a great heritage dating as far back as 1936. It’s not only spacious but it’s also built with superb interiors and top-quality instruments and gauges. A 320-bhp 5.8-L V8 powers the monster, and its 335 lb-ft of torque makes it an excellent towing vehicle.

Lincoln MKX

If McConaughey has to endure a long journey, he likes nothing better than jumping within his metallic black Lincoln MKX. Similar to the Yukon in becoming a quality SUV boasting luxury and high-tech features, the Lincoln differs in overall size. Despite being powered with a smaller engine than the larger Yukon – a 3.7-L V6 – it creates 305-bhp, only 15 less – this simply means a better power-to-weight ratio, perfect for clipping on the highway.

Friendly Service Goes a Long Way

FairviewFord 2-1

When deciding where to buy a new car, friendly service goes a long, long way in choosing a dealership. Purchasing a vehicle is a huge decision and the level of service that you receive is important. As a customer, you want a dealer that is genuine, friendly and willing to take the time to help you find the right car for you. We’ve all had experiences with salesman who are more concerned about making a sale than helping us find what we need and that’s why good service plays such a big factor in choosing where we buy cars. At Riverside Ford, you know you’ll always get friendly, helpful service. At any good dealership, you’ll find salespeople who are eager to find a vehicle the works for you. Whether you need a minivan for driving the kids to soccer practice or want a sports car to hit the town in, a good salesperson will want to help you find what you’re looking for.

Another tool at the disposal of a friendly salesperson is a dealership’s website. Many shoppers prefer to check out a car lot’s website before visiting the location so that they can get an idea of what they’re looking for on their own terms. Friendly salespeople should direct you to a website like fairviewfordinriverside.com
to see what types of vehicles they offer. This will help narrow down the selection for you when you arrive on the lot and allows you to read all the vehicle specifications like gas mileage, horse power and safety ratings.

Friendly salespeople who know when to offer alternative options like a lot’s website are key factors in making a decision about a new car. New cars are investments and knowledgeable, kind salespeople will help you feel comfortable about making such an important decision.

Goodyear Made It As OR For Nissan Qashqai

Goodyear, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tyres, has been chosen as the original equipment (OE) for the Nissan Qashqai.

From now, the new models of the Nissan Qashqai will come with EfficientGrip SUV tyres in size 215/60 R17 H as standard.

Nissan join Porsche, Aston Martin and Audi (amongst many others) to select Goodyear as OE on their vehicles.


The Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV was designed by to bring together the high levels of grip, which the EfficientGrip range is well-known for, with an ability to reduce the rolling resistance of the tyre – therefore lowering emission levels and creating a quieter ride.


Goodyear have achieved this with their unique FuelSaving Technology. This is said to combine the lightweight structure with advanced materials which act to lower the rolling resistance of the tyre.

When talking about the decision from Nissan, said Michelle Fisher, Goodyear’s brand manager, said “when designing the EfficientGrip SUV, the team at Goodyear recognised that a modern SUV tyre must be a jack of all trades.

Because a performance road tyre must only grip and perform on the road, whereas off-road tyres must also be able to generate traction in challenging conditions across a range of terrains – the tyre must be able to offer excellent grip in wet and dry conditions as well as offer low rolling resistance to support fuel economy… we [at Goodyear] are proud to have been chosen by Nissan to fit this highly popular crossover.”